Standard of Cool Man

Nowadays, more and more young men have learned the word "cool man". However, what is a "cool man"?

Sometimes, "cool man" means "male". In a forum of Net Friends website (, in the sex field, "cool man" can be found in place of "male", and "pretty girl" instead of "female". It's clear that "cool man" means "male" here.

My dictionary didn't give a definition of "cool man", but the definition of "cool" is "handsome".

"Handsome" is a target of many young men as well as a standard of the boyfriends of young women. And so that "cool man" became the pronoun of "male".

I have wished myself a cool man of a long time, but I have to say I'm only "half cool man" now, because I haven't reached my standard of "cool man". A cool man in my mind is like this:

  1. Brave. A cool man must be brave. He won't be afraid of difficulty. A cool man must be tear-less and always strong. He is ready to save others as a hero and dares to admit mistakes.
  2. Intellectual. A real cool man always keeps calm, and he won't be annoyed by the sentiment. A cool man must be able to control himself, he doesn't hurt others easily. When a cool man is hurt or even injured, he won't say a word.
  3. Capable. A cool man must be splendid in all fields, and he must be a complex person of talent. A cool man has enough energy and he can do something what others cannot.