I Earned $100 with One Tweet

Apple Card is a new credit card product offered by Apple. In February, Apple Card ran an ad campaign on Twitter:

Apple Card has no fees.

Not Apple Card has every possible fee.

So if your credit card is not Apple Card, maybe it should be.

Upon seeing this advertisement, I thought: Apple Card is not the only credit card that has no fees; my oldest credit card, Discover Card, also does not charge fees. Moreover, Discover Card has higher rewards in certain categories than Apple Card. Thus, I tweeted a reply under their ad, mimicking their grammar:

Apple Card has no fees and measly 2% rewards unless you buy from Apple. Discover Card has no fees and up to 5% rewards in rotating category, which is grocery stores this quarter. So if your credit card is not Discover Card, maybe it should be.

Twitterverse thinks I'm hilarious. They liked and retweeted my reply, so that it quickly became the top reply under the Apple Card ad, and everyone who expands the ad would see it.

Tweet Analytics: 17497 impressions, 942 total engagements

In the next few weeks, two people used my referral link to apply for a Discover Card and got approved.

"$50 refer a friend credit" line item in credit card statement

For each successful referral, I can earn $50 in rebates. And that's how I earned $100 with one tweet.

P.S. If you want a Discover Card, use my referral link.