I am a Moviegoer

I watched over 150 movies during my six years at University of Arizona.

What did I Watch

My favorite genre is action and adventure (paid link). I love seeing superheroes save the world, because they bring hope to our world. My favorite character is Spider-Man (paid link), because he only does good things and is full of positive energy.

I also frequently watch science fiction (paid link) films. I particularly enjoy films set in the outer space, such as The Space Between Us (paid link) and Passengers (paid link), because the weightless shots are breathtaking.

My third favorite genre is drama (paid link). Some of my favorites are National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (paid link), Nebraska (paid link), and Instructions Not Included (paid link). I can have a good laugh out of them.

I also enjoy films in which kids and teens play a significant role. I have watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (paid link), Captain Fantastic (paid link), and the Maze Runner (paid link) series.

I find new films from trailers, especially those shown at the movie theater before a feature presentation. I pay attention to the trailers, and take a note of trailers that interest me in my smartphone. Once the movie is released, I would check the IMDB scores, re-watch the trailer on YouTube, and make a decision on whether to watch it.

Where did I Watch

A moviegoer needs to go to watch movies. I watched most movies in movie theaters.

My favorite movie theater is AMC Loews Foothills 15. They have the only IMAX screen in Tucson, where I watched Gravity (paid link). However, I did not go to AMC often, because it is a 40-minute bus ride from NorthPointe, and even further from University Arms. The theater where I watched the most movies is Century 20 El Con and XD, because of its convenient location from University Arms. I can bike there in 20 minutes, and I can call a SafeRide or ride a bus to get there in less than 10 minutes.

The most unique cinema is RoadHouse Cinemas. It allows me to do two things at a time: I can simultaneously watch a movie and eat a meal. However, my experience at this cinema has been mixed. I went there five times, but only two visits were trouble-free. I was forced to switch seats when watching Gone Girl (paid link), because they sold the same seat twice. I was starving when watching Blackhat (paid link), because the server forgot to put in my food order. I was turned away for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (paid link), because all 68 seats were sold out; they have so few seats in each auditorium, because they are recliner seats, not the regular ones.

I also went to Century Gateway 12, Grand Cinemas Oracle View 6, and UA's very own Gallagher Theater. They screen movies that are a few months old, at a cheaper price. Loft Cinema screens independent films, and I watched Boyhood (paid link) and WADJDA (paid link) there.

When it gets too hot, I would stay in and watch a movie on my computer or tablet. Pima County Public Library has a DVD collection which I could borrow for free, and I watched Siri's recommendation 2001: A Space Odyssey (paid link) from there; similarly, I borrowed a few DVDs from NorthPointe leasing office. Google Play offers movie rentals sometimes as cheap as $2; although this price is higher than a movie ticket at Century Gateway 12, I could save more in bus tickets by renting from Google Play. Finally, Amazon Prime Video (paid link) allowed me to watch thousands of movies for free, and unlike a rental, there is no time limit in finishing a movie.

How Movies Changed Me

I watched all but one film alone. I do not feel lonely without a girl by my side, because during the movie, my mind would be in the storyline completely. They allowed me to relax, and leave worries behind. I have spent 325 hours of my life watching movies, estimated from 130-minute average runtime of today's films. I consider those hours worthwhile.

There was one film that changed my actions. That film is Plastic Is Forever, a short documentary about ocean plastic pollution. I watched this movie during Arizona International Film Festival at The Screening Room. It caused me to rethink my environmental footprint in relation to plastic consumption. Although it is impractical for me to stop buying single-use plastic containers, I started to ask for no plastic straw when restaurant serves my water. This is a small action with a minor effect on the environment, but I wouldn't have thought about it without watching this film.

Will I Watch More Films?

Definitely, if I still have time.