Measure Bike Speed with PocketCHIP and GPS Receiver

I won a #FreePocketCHIP last Christmas. It is a "pocketable" Linux computer running Debian, and has one USB 2.0 host port. Apart from adding a speaker and playing PICO-8 games, PocketCHIP's form factor and hackability make it suitable for many other projects. Today, I'm going to find out how fast I am riding a bike, with the PocketC.H.I.P and VK-172 GPS receiver.

PocketCHIP and VK-172 GPS receiver

Meet the GPS Receiver

The GPS receiver I have is the VK-172 G-mouse USB GPS receiver. It has a small form factor, and connects to the PocketCHIP via USB. When connected, it identifies itself as a USB device with ID 1546:01a7, and shows up as a serial port: