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ndn6 Network

I have too many idle servers so I installed my own global scale NDN network.

Connecting to ndn6 Network

My network interconnects with the global NDN testbed. You can reach my network by using forwarding hint /yoursunny.

Some routers can accept HTTP/3 connections from NDNts web applications. You can discover them via NDN-FCH 2021 API.

Prefix Registration Policy

ndn6 network accepts NFD-style prefix registration commands under /localhop/nfd. You should set Origin=65 to readvertise the prefix within ndn6 network.

Each command must be signed with a certificate issued by either yoursunny authority or authority. The end host must be able to serve every certificate in the certificate chain (excluding the root certificate).

Each prefix must start with either the identity name of your certificate or one of these multicast prefixes: /ndn/broadcast, /ndn/multicast, /yoursunny/M. Multicast prefixes are not automatically added, and the end host will not receive multicast Interests without a prefix registration.

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