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NDNts NFD Status Page

A drop-in enhancement of NFD Status Page.


Clean tabbed design.
navigation tabs
Intelligent face description.
face table
Per-face traffic information (packets per second).
face details with traffic counters
Linking between faces and routes.
routes with links to faces
Easy-to-read strategy description.
strategy choice table

Online Demo of Testbed Routers


Download and Install


Automatic installation:

Manual installation:

  1. You still need nfd-status-http-server package.
  2. Extract the tarball to /usr/share/ndn/n directory (assuming nfd-status-http-server hosts its static files in /usr/share/ndn).
  3. You can access the NDNts NFD Status Page at http://localhost/n/ .

Technical Information

GitHub repository

NDNts NFD Status Page is powered by modern web technologies, including:

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