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HomeCam: browser-based home surveillance camera

Turn your old laptop into a home surveillance camera, and watch your home from anywhere.

  1. run the camera app from a laptop at your home
    • A web camera is required, obviously.
    • Remember to plug in the power adaptor.
    • There's also an experimental Python version for PiZero.
  2. run the viewer app from any laptop or mobile device
    • Enter the same "camera name" on camera and viewer(s). A unique "camera name" can be used on one camera and multiple viewers.
    • Enter the same "encryption key" on camera and viewer(s). The picture won't display correctly if the encryption key is wrong.

There is no privacy guarantee at this moment. Use at your own risk.

Technical Information

HomeCam is built with getUserMedia, NDN-JS, and crypto.subtle. A technical overview has been published at How HomeCam Works?

HomeCam is known to work in the following browsers: